Gallery | Yard Birds

This used to say:
"Mickey likes to make whimsical creatures and other things out of scrap metal and old tools."

After I read the Artists' Statement for the show Talia is curating Link here (scroll down a bit)

I realized I needed to up my game:

Yard Birds speculates upon the potential and innate relations between inorganic heavy metal and airy animate ornithological life forms, while documenting the Frankensteinian resurrection of discarded garden tools given new life through the magic and artistry of shielded gas arc welding. A spectrum of commonplace implements are deconstructed and re-imagined phantasmigorically to embody and reveal the otherwise concealed spirits trapped within and yearning for release, articulating the dynamic tension between eternal dreams of winged flight and the cruel reality of being anchored to earth. These several dichotomies are further enhanced by the botanical context in which the constructs are presented. eTransfers accepted.

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